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The Concrete Pumping San Jose Contractor Can Always Count On

Let me guess here. You got a slab you need to pour, some footings you need done, or maybe some wall block that needs some grout right? And of course, you’re looking for concrete pumping San Jose concrete contractors rely on that are reliable, clean, and good at what they do, am I right again? We’ll I got some good news for you. You stumbled onto the right place here online and you probably did it on your smartphone.

We are the concrete pumping service to call in San Jose to get your job done exactly as scheduled. We don’t care if you’re pouring a 50/50 blend concrete mix or a 3/8 small pea gravel mix we have the concrete pump and concrete pump operator that can get the job done and get it done right.

When it comes to concrete pumping, we take a great deal of pride in making sure we pull up to every single one of our jobs with great operating equipment and all the proper hoses and adequate amount of hose lengths to get to just about any job. We also focus heavily on cleanliness, showing up on time, and doing a great job pumping concrete. Concrete is perishable item and time is always a factor and it’s why being on time is critical for us because we know it is critical for you. With the added costs of standby times with ready mix companies and costs of your labor just standing around waiting on a concrete pumper, we never underestimate how time is super important.

We also understand it’s the little things that count the most in the industry of concrete. Little things like pulling up the rebar along a slab of concrete we are pumping to make sure it’s in the concrete properly, to holding down the hose just a little lower, pumping the concrete carefully up along walls and the exterior of a house as to not cause any unnecessary concrete splatter or splashes that you have to go back to clean up or hire yard service near you to do it for you. When we complete a job we pick up and clean up all of our equipment and make we leave the site in great condition. Any left over concrete we have left in our concrete pump’s hopper is pumped right back into the last concrete mixer truck used on your job and we wash out and clean up our pump right into the truck.

What To Expect With Concrete Pumping San Jose

When you give us a call at 408-809-0145 our Concrete Pumping in San Jose there basically three main things we need from you.

Number one being of course where the job is going to be. Lucky for all of us, we live in a technological wonderland where finding a location here is San Jose is as simple as typing in an address right into Google Maps and it leads the way for us! However, there are those oddball addresses that might not show up on GPS so just let us know about it to make sure we get to the right spot.

The second thing we will need from you is the amount of concrete we will be pumping. We don’t care if it’s just 2 yards of grout being pumping with a 2-inch hose into a wall or 80 yards of 4-inch slump concrete being pumped into footings. We can get it done! We simply need to know to set aside the right amount of time for the job and schedule our day accordingly. Obviously, an 80-yard pour is gonna take a whole lot longer than a 2-yard grout job so we just need to know so we can block out our concrete pump for a specific amount of time.

The third thing we will need from you is simply to let us know what time your job is scheduled for. Give us the time that the concrete truck will be arriving so that we can get there at least 15 minutes before it arrives. This gives us plenty of time to roll out all the possible hoses that we will need. We then get our primer going and poured into our hoses and get ready to rock-n-roll as soon as the truck gets there. That’s pretty much the three main things we will need from you.

You give us that info… We will be there!

What Type Of Concrete Jobs Do We Do?

When you call our concrete pumping services in San Jose, CA at 408-809-0145 you will see that can do quite a few different things.

One of the types of jobs that we do is wall grouting. With these jobs, we usually use a smaller 2-inch concrete hose to make things a little easier to maneuver. Wall gout is a very wet and smaller aggregate type of mix that flows easily done the cylinder blocks. We pump this fairly slowly and make sure not to overflow over the top, especially when the block wall is a decorative one. Nothing worse than having to go back and clean of the over grout spills. We do this type of pumping with precision.

Concrete pumping slabs are something we get called a lot for. This includes driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, and house slabs. We do our best to pump the concrete at a pace to keep up with your crew. We also help with making sure the rebar is properly set as we move along. We pay special attention to making sure we are extremely careful pumping a slab along a wall as to not make any unnecessary messes or splattering.

Footings is another type of job we get called for. Before a big slab can be poured a foundation must first be set in. These are the footing. These types of concrete pours can take a lot of concrete and is usually poured fairly dry to allow it to be stacked. Our concrete pump is more than capable of pumping dryer concrete mix without a problem. This especially important since if the concrete gets too wet, it will spread out too much and will end up having to use more concrete than you planned.

How Do You Get A Hold Of Our Concrete Pumping Services?

Well then, this is the easy part of our services. All you gotta do is whip out your smartphone and dial 408-809-0145 to reach us directly. We made things so easy that you don’t even have to actually dial the number! You can simply tap it and it will automatically open up your phone app and dial it for you!

Just think… We put in that much effort into our website, just imagine how good of a job we’ll do pumping your concrete for you. Oh, and if for some reason you’re checking things out after hours or have a concrete job coming up, later on, you can simply fill out the form on this page and input all of the job descriptions and we can get back to you right away!

Thanks again for checking out our site and services and we hope to be out on your next job site here in San Jose, CA.